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14 August 2006

Mahmood Ahmadinejad's Blog

Guess who has decided to have his own blog too, just like us? Well, Mahmood Ahmadinejad the President of Iran is having his own blog now. There is only one blog post there so far, it's about his childhood in parallel with the Iranian recent history during the revolution here, however he's promised to spend from 15 to 30 minutes blogging per week.
I've noticed - sorry I can't resist the technical stuff - that the blog is made using Microsoft's ASP.Net. actually I thought that he'll be more into Open Source stuff, and not an American software. The site is in four languages Arabic, English, French, and Farsi. And there are four Lagos up there, clicking on each of them will lead you to the site version with one of these languages. What I've noticed that the KSA flag is used for the Arabic language logo, and a mixture of USA and UK flags are used for the English one. And believe me, I think the president of Iran is supposed to use something else instead of these flags.
Finally, I think that the blogging is becoming more and more popular, and more people consider it their main source of information compared to the conventional newspapers and TV, and may be one day we are going to see an Arabic president having his own blog hosted at, however I believe many of them are not even familiar with using the Computers and the Internet.

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