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12 August 2006

Template Changed

Finally, I've changed my old dull blog template with a worse one. Hope you like it.
Here you are the template that this one is based on.

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  1. As you just said.
    It's a worse one. Needs a lot of work man.

  2. No.. I don't think it's so bad. Just needs some work. I love the picture at the top [too big though]. Good job. Keep working on it and it will get better.

  3. @Jpierrr, thanks for your comment :)
    @Hakawi, the banner size has been changed, thank you.

  4. What a drastic change :D!!
    From black to white, I think a move to drupal will be the next step ;)

  5. Sorry if I sound stiff on my last comment. That's what happens when you get enough booze.

    Some navigational tip.
    Am one of the people who is used to go to the "Home" page when I click the top banner or the site name. However, this is not the case with the template you are using. Just adjust that bit when you are working on it... good luck.

  6. @Ximo, Drupal is not bad, but you know, I prefer to use it when it's hosted on my own space, in order to be able to play with the code there, or may be then I'll try some python based content manegement software :)
    @JPierre, Come on, don't be silly, by the way the banner think is now working, thank you.

  7. Hehehe
    I can see that it's now working. But usually, on blogger, when you are at the "home" page, it should not act as a link. Try to hack that part from any other template... or ... am just teasing you :P

    Good luck

  8. Oh yeah .. one more thing
    If you will be using Drupal only for blogging, take my advise and use wordpress instead.

    Es2al megarab, mates2alsh tabeeb.

  9. @JPierre: Now way, this is more than enough, you know what, after graduation, I worked in the programming field - web programming mainly - and what made me leave that job few months later, were stuff like these :)

  10. hehehe... Then you were at the wrong place :P

  11. Yeah, and that's why I left them as soon as I got a better job.