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24 August 2006

IBM to buy Internet Security Systems

"IBM (IBM) on Wednesday announced its third major acquisition this month, a $1.3 billion bid for business software maker Internet Security Systems (ISSX). ISS sells computer security products to banks, insurance companies, governments, and other large organizations. It has about 11,000 customers and earned $38.5 million in net income last year. IBM has been a big spender lately. Two weeks ago, it announced plans to buy FileNet, a software maker that helps other companies manage digital content, for $1.6 billion. And in early August IBM said it would spend $740 million to acquire MRO Software, which helps companies track assets. ISS will be IBM's 12th sizable deal announced this year", USA Today.

But wait a moment, IBM is not really into Network Security Appliances, and that's why I am not sure what are their plans with this new acquisition. They may have their own plans to add some security to their servers, embedd ISS's intrusion detection engines in some of their softwares, but nothing is clear at all. It's also not clear for ISS customers too. I believe those who have plans to buy ISS products, are supposed to reconsider it, nothing is sure about the continuity of their Intrusion Detection and Prevention business. Will IBM continue to support the current line of products, or not!? They may continue supporting them, but not pay much attention to further development for example. I think customers are supposed to wait for a while in order to see what will happen, or at least look for other products till it becomes more clear.

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