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13 August 2006

Google Talk Conference Bot

Google Talk doesn't have Chat rooms, nor the ability to make a conversations with multiple contacts at the same time, a.k.a conference chat/call. That's why Perry's Conference Bot is really useful. The conference bot works runs as a normal google talk user that relays everything said to it to everyone on its contact list. It supports some simple commands (like )names), and has a basic admin interface to deal with abusers. The bot is written in python, and is tested under Linux, although apparently it works fine under Windows too.

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  1. The bot by default informs it creator about your chat room's address, hence it'll be published on their site.
    However, in order to stop this, you may change the "private = 0" to "private = 0", in the configuration file "confbot.ini"

  2. I realize this is almost half a year after you posted this but.... I feel it should be noted the bot doesn't support conference calls.

    Yet anyway, we might attempt to add that in later, but there aren't any plans to do so currently.

  3. @Mr. McKain,

    We have other problems with the bot. It sometimes discontinues with no reason. And we have to restart it again. Also when the PC it is running on it looses its connectivity the bot fails too and it has to be restarted.