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28 August 2006

IRAQ II, The Instability

In this post I'll try to find the reasons for the instability and the violence in Iraq. I'll try to write all the reasons, even those ones that I am not sure if they are real ones or not. And then it'll be nice to hear your comments about them, or if you can add new reasons of your own.

Arab Countries: After the occupation in Iraq, USA claimed that they will establish a democratic system there. Actually, even those who are against USA, They can't deny that Iraq has elections, parties and a parliament that are not present in most of the Arab countries if not all of them. So, many Arab governments may prefer the situation in Iraq to be like this in order to be able to tell their people, "Here you are the democracy that you are looking for". The occupation has removed an Arabic dictator there, so they rest of the Arab leaders may prefer not to make it stable out there so that they may make it clear to USA that removing and Arab leader from his position is not an easy task at all.
Iran: We all know what of relation is there between USA and Iran, and we also know that Iran is the next target on USA occupation list, so they may prefer to see USA getting stuck in Iraq more and more in order to delay the American plans,
Saddam Orphans: Those are the ones who used to get benefits of Saddam's regime, they are mainly the Sunnis in Iraq and Baathists. And for sure, the want to deliver the following message to the Iraqi people, "Ok, you wanted to get rid of Saddam regime, here you are the alternative".
Salafys: Salafys (aka Wahabys) are against Shiia by default. They have some kind of allergy towards them. And Iraq his a Shiit majority, so for the Salafys, killing every single Iraqi is much better than seeing a Shiit government there.
USA: This reason may suits the Conspiracy Theorem fans so much. As long as there is an instable situation in Iraq, USA has a valid excuse to stay there more in order to help the Iraqis
Iraqi Resistance: Those who see there land under occupation and are tying to liberate it using force.

Hope to find time to talk about each of the previous points in more details. However I leave you now in order to give you time to tell me your comments about the second article in the IRAQ (Iraq, Reasonable Answers for our Questions) series.

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  1. Tarek your analysis biased very sectarian and is based on mostly on western media propaganda.

  2. You can read my analysis on or I am posting these links because my profile will not guide you to my blogs.

  3. @AK, I don't think my analysis is biased nor sectarian at all, I tried to put each sect's point of view here. Actually if you have a different point of view it'll be nice of you to tell us about it.


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