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10 August 2006

Hugo Chavez, and Hugo Boss.

"The President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, said he had no interest in maintaining diplomatic relations, or offices, or businesses, or anything with a state like Israel. Mr Chavez rounded on Israel at the weekend, accusing the Jewish state of committing a new Holocaust. Venezuela recalled its charge d'affaires to Israel last week, prompting Israel to withdraw its ambassador to Caracas on Monday", BBC News.

"The President of Arabuela, Hugo Boss, said he is interested in maintaining diplomatic relations, offices, businesses, and anything with a state like Israel. Mr Boss claimed that these relations will sure help the Lebanese children targeted every single day by the IDF, Israeli destructive Force. Arabuela is please to help USA in transferring Smart Bombs to Israel as this will soon lead to a ceasefire, and minimize the number of Lebanese victims", Pissed Off News.

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