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03 August 2006

What's wrong with Germany!?

It's been noticed lately that Germany is blindly supporting Israel, which is somehow not the case for the rest of Europe except U.K. So what makes Germany has such political attitude? I think the main reason for Germany - and U.K. as well - to act like this is its alliance with USA, especially after the World War II and the Marshall Plan. And of course USA it totally biased to Israel for different reasons that we may discuss later.
"Germany and the United States have been close allies since the end of the Second World War. The Marshall Plan and continued US support during the rebuilding process after World War II, as well as the significant influence American culture has had on German culture, have crafted a strong bond between Germany and the US that lasts to this day. Not only do the United States and Germany share many cultural similarities but they are also deeply economically interdependent. 8.8% of all German exports are US bound, and US-German trade according to the US Census Bureau totalled $108.2 billion for 2004. An illustration of the strong economic relations between the US and Germany may be the fact that 18.3% of all cars sold in the US were manufactured by German car manufacturers. Other signs of the close ties between Germany and the US are the fact that German-Americans remain the largest ethnic group in the US and the largest US community outside the US is the Ramstein Air Base, close to the city of Kaiserslautern, Germany", Wikipedia
Another reason of the German attitude is due to the Holocaust thing that the Jews tend to remind them with every now and then. It's like trying to say, see how we help you now, we are not anti-Semitics anymore.
But the question now, are these reasons enough to make those countries take an action such as opposing a ceasefire between Israel and Lebanon, even after seeing the Israeli crimes against Lebanese civilians!?

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