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06 August 2006

Yet Another Way of Seeing Hezbollah

The main problem with the western nations, that they see Hezbollah the same way they used to see any other Islamic radical movement, such as Al Qaida, etc. For them they are both Islamic groups who are armed as well. So it's hard for them to see any difference between them. So, I'll try here to write some of the major differences between Hezbollah and Al Qaida - for example - in order to help you find out why you are supposed to see them in a totally different way. First of all, Ideologically, they are different, Hezbollah are Shiits, while Al Qaida are Salafys/Wahabys - not Sunnis, as Sunnis are like Shiits, they believe that it is religiously forbidden for them to kill innocent people. Al Qaida doesn't have problem in targeting civilians - September 11th - as far as those civilians belong to their enemy nations. The United States government is totally biased to Israel, so according to Al Qaida point of view, they can kill the American people as a sort of punishment to their government. On, the other hand Hezbollah never kill civilians, even in the current was of Israel on Lebanon, they didn't target Israeli civilians till Israel started to kill dozens of Lebanese Civilians. This may be clear in Hassan Nasrallah's latest speech, when he said that they prefer that Israel stop targeting the Lebanese civilians as they prefer to have their fight against soldiers only. Hezbollah's war is against occupation forces (IDF), that are occupying their own country - Lebanon - and not a war carried in some foreign country. Finally, most of the Arabs and Muslims respect Hezbollah, while few of them respect Al Qaida.

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  1. Excellent post!

    If I may add, another extremely important difference, in my opinion, is the fact that Hizballah are respected and supported not only by Lebanese shiits, but by the majority of the Lebanese people: sunnis, christians, druz, etc. This is not a speculation of mine. You can see the polls made by the Beirut Center for Information & research. This poll was taken last February (5 months before the war started) and this one was made recently - after the war started.

    Another difference is Hizballah's refusal to use words like "cusades" for example, in order not to alienate christians from the Arab cause. This too can be clearly seen in most of Nasrallah's speeches. Take this one for example.

  2. Hezbollah is a political party also ,this is very important thing, it lives among a society with different religions ,social classes and cultures and yet it is tolerent enough not to force its ideas and believes on the other like the those groups of Al-Qaida and co.

  3. Very well said, ive been argueing about the situation in Lebanon since it began. Israel are in the wrong and America should never have backed them, all britian have to do is say somthing different to what America want them to and america will be forced to cut its ties with Israel thus forcing Israel to end its assault on the people of Lebanon. But Britains government wont, as they cant be seen not backing America... for what ever reason.

    And in response to zeinobia, somthing that just occured to me, America force their ideas and beliefs on others, just like Al-Qaida and co....