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26 August 2006

Iraq, Reasonable Answers for our Questions

An Iraqi mother shows photos of her two sons killed in a suicide blast

"After 3 years; is Iraq better or worse? There is no easy way to answer this question because we don't have standard criteria to gauge a big country with a complicated regional and international relations like Iraq. The existed situation is much worse than in 2003 however this should not be taken as that Iraq is better under the previous dictator regime", Homorabi, Iraqi Blogger
"My problem (is that) I don't understand anything in the Iraqi issue, I don't know who is who. I don't know who is the bad from the good. I don't know who is the resistant from the terrorist", Zeinobia, Egyptian Blogger
I believe that many Arabs - if not most of them - share the same questions with Hammorabi and Zeinobia. I myself am really confused of what's going on in Iraq. And that's why I decided to create these series of posts, and invite as many people as I can in order to help finding answers for those question.
I am going to call these posts "Iraq, Reasonable Answers for our Questions", or simply "IRAQ".
Looking forward for your comments, and everyone is invited to share his point of view , especially Iraqi bloggers. However, off topic or impolite comments may be subject to removal.

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