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09 August 2006

Warful Analysis

Israel is accusing Hezbollah that they are fighting on behalf of Iran, and on the other hand Hezbollah is accusing Israel that is it fighting on behalf of USA. I think there are too much hidden agendas in this war. Actually, the concept of Proxy war is not a new one. We've seen many proxy wars, especially during the Cold War between USA and the former USSR. The war in Korea that took place in the 1950's, as well as the Afghan war, are examples of proxy wars. It's really funny that during the Afghan war USA used to support Taliban (Al Qaida), in their war against the Russian occupation.
I myself think that no one fights on behalf of someone else, Hezbollah has their own agenda, they may get support from Iran as it has it's own agenda as well, so is the case of Israel, USA, and unfortunately some Arab leaders as well.
The Arab people are with Hezbollah, because it's been proved during the past fifty years that Israel is their real enemy, I know that most of the western readers may not know this, but the Israeli deeds during this period proved to us that it is a terrorist state. Actually, the formation of Israel itself is illegal. It is funny to know that most of our parents are older than this state. You know, I sometimes feel that Europe and USA supported the formation of Israel, as they were pissed off of the Jews there and wanted to get rid of them. Shakespear's The Merchant of Venice is a representation of the typical image of them at that time. But, what they made was a huge mistake, they gave them the right to have their own country on a land, that already has its own people, who are the Palestinians. And since that times many trials were made to fix this mistakes, either by politics or by war. But, it is always hard to fix a mistake with another one.
Back to out proxy war thing, what USA et al. want is to get rid of the resistance, because they think that this may solve the whole problem. But the problem with this approach is that the resistance is backed and supported - even if it is only an emotional support - by millions of the Arab world citizens. One the other hand, the resistance et al, believe that getting rid of Israel will solve the problem. But it's almost impossible to get rid of such body, especially that it's been implanted in the Arab world map 50 years ago. It's now like cancer, that is really hard to get rid of.
USA, has succeeded in making the Arab governments take its side, either by political and economical force, or by scaring them, using fairy tales like the one about the Shiite power that may rise and form a real threat to their long lasting thrones. But, this solution is not reliable, as the Arabic ideology do not accept it, and thus the governments decision may change and then more severe proxy wars will rise from the ashes of this one. Which makes sense, especially for those religious people on both sides, as this is going to be war of all wars, or Armageddon as seen by Christians, Muslims, and may be Jews as well.
Finally, I have one more question, I think I read somewhere that some Christians believe that they are supposed to support Israel as they are ordered to support Ibrahim (Abraham), as well as his children. However Abraham has two children, one of of them is Isaac who is considered to be the father of people of Israel, and the other one is Ismael, who is the father of prophet Muhammad - Peace be Upon Him and His Family - and the father of Hassan Nasrallah himself.

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