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12 August 2006

Israel Triples Ground Forces

Israel says it has tripled the number of its troops in southern Lebanon in an expanded offensive, despite a United Nations vote backing a ceasefire.
It's really weird that after the UN Security Council Resolution 1701, approved by the United Nations Security Council yesterday, that calls for a "full cessation of hostilities", and after Ehud Olmert's backing of the draft resolution, Israel is still ramping up its offensive into southern Lebanon. One explaination of this may be their desire to cause as much damage as possible on Hezbollah guerrillas before the ceasefire takes effect. But, they failed to cause any significant damage to Hezbollah guerrillas during that last 30 days, so it's really odd to be able to do anything during the following few hours. One other explaiantion may be their feeling that this resolution is not going to take effect, and it is just a show made by the UN in order to look as if they are doing their best to end the conflict.
The so called resolution didn't mention the P.O.W. at both sides, and how this issue is going to be solved, which is the main cause of this war if they still remember. They also didn't find a suitable solution for Shebaa farm that's occupied by Israel since ages, and I think that Lebanon/Hezbollah will refuse to disarm before getting it back.

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