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07 August 2006

Diplomacy of Tears

It seems that during the current war in Lebanon, the Arabs came out with a new effective way for handling their political problems, it's by crying. Today, during the Arab foreign ministers summit, the Lebanese prime minister, Fouad El Sanyora, couldn't stop his tears during his speech there. Even the Arab news channels, used to focus on the victims of the war, without a real analysis of what can be done in order to stop the Israeli massacres in Lebanon. Also the other Arab leaders, gave speeches, filled with the words of pity and sorrow, without any real warning to Israel to stop it barbaric attack.
It seems that either the Arab governments were not ready for such situation, and never tried to plan for what they can do in a case like this. They do not have political nor military solutions. They do not have anything in their hand in order to have effect on the UN and USA decision makers. Or, they just cry here, while they are really happy seeing Israel fighting Hezbollah, which may satisfy on the Arab regimes dream to get rid of Hezbollah et. al.
Let's consider here the first option, as I hate to think about the second one. Why don't they - Arab governments - have anything in their hands in order to affect the decisions of the UN and USA. What about their oil, and financial power. What about the zillions of dollars they invest everywhere, can't they simply use them as threat. What about their armies, are they just for the annual military shows, and nothing more. Are they afraid to use all these stuff, for some reason that we do not know.
Away from the ways the Arabs can use in order to affect the International decisions, why didn't they back the Lebanese seven demands, except now, after ages, and after the unacceptable USA/French resolution.
Also, the Arab people were not ready, the same as their governments, it seems that they all don't like to play the what-if games every now and then in order to have risk assessment plans. The demonstrators in the streets, were few hundreds that the local police forces banned successfully, I think it needs millions of protesters in the streets in order to force their governments to take an appropriate actions, also the parliaments may have their own effect of the decisions of their governments. They can vote for some military or political action and force their governments to take it.
Finally, I am sure that tears are not enough, and will never solve anything, they can only show how weak we are, and nothing more. And we shall know that political actions will never be taken due to sympathy.
One more thing to add, it's not only the Arabs who use the Diplomacy of Tears, actually Israel as well used to play the role of the victims very well. And they forced the western nations to have those Semitic and anti-Semitic rules, however what made them succeed in this, was not only by using the others sympathy, however they used their financial power mainly in order to reach their goal, and the sympathy of the others was just an add-on. It's just the decoration for it, to make what they want media-appealing.

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  1. اكتر الحكام العرب عارفين الكلام دة والاسلحة الكتيرة (غير النارية) اللي ممكن يدافعوا بيها عن شعبهم وكرامتهم لكن كمان عارفين انهم لو استخدموها في يوم هيكونوا اليوم التاني في الشارع وفي ناس بتقول ان الموقف الللي اخدة الرئيس المصري كان عبارة عن مجرد رشوة للبيت الابيض عشان تثبيت ابنة الحبيب علي عرش جمهورية مصر الملكية من بعدة.ودمتم للشعب وكرامتة