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17 August 2005

The Israeli Model

When The State of Israel was established in the late forties, they claimed that Palestine is the land of their ancestors bzillions of years ago and it is their right to go and have a Jewish state there. So lets try applying this model on the different races and groups in the whole world and see what will happen.
  • Black people in Europe and America are originally from Africa, so it is their right to go back to their homeland and kick the people of these countries out.
  • A big percentage of the Americans and Australians are originally from European countries, so it is their right to search for their original countries and go there and kick the people of these countries out.
  • Many Americans are originally from Asia (China, India, etc...), and it is their right to go back to China and India and kick the Chinese and Indians out of their countries.
You may also try to follow the different races in your country and find more example to be added to these ones stated here.

1 comment:

  1. 1. Wasn't Liberia such an attempt?

    (But did the Jews really kick the Arabs out just like that? It seems to me they left AFTER Israel was attacked and AFTER they made it totally clear that they would not live in peace with the Jews.)

    2. German-Americans and German-Australians do indeed have the right to move to Germany and live there. I doubt that the other Germans would fight them. And I also doubt that Germany's neighbours would attack Germany in support of the old population.

    3. I don't know Chinese opinions about other people moving to China.

    Find more examples?

    Well, some of your examples are flawed. For example Americans and Australians, as well as Asian-Americans are full citizens of America and Australia respectively. The same cannot be said about Sephardic Jews in Arab countries.

    What's the solution? Dissolve Israel and throw the Jews into the sea? I suppose the Ashkenazim could move to Europe and America, but what about the Sephardim? Should they move back to the Arab world, to the same countries that they were forced to leave in the last century? Some of the Arab countries do not even allow Jews into their lands (do they allow Arab Palestinians? Why not?).

    As for "they claimed", I believe the Qur'an claims it also. I don't see why Jews shouldn't have their own country. Afterall, in most other countries they were persecuted forever, INCLUDING and ESPECIALLY in Arab countries.

    I don't see why it wouldn't be possible for Arab Palestinians to live in other Arab countries. It was, after all, no problem for Sephardic Jews to move when they had to. Why are Arabs special?