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28 October 2005

Tarek Has Been Tagged !!

Blueue and Wonderer are really evil girls. They both have tagged me, and since they are old blog friends so I am supposed to accept their Tag request here. Se7en things I want/like to do:
  1. Finish this post ;-)
  2. Study JNCIS-FWV
  3. Go to the cinema.
  4. Write programs in C on a Linux Machine.
  5. Get to know stuff, no one else knows.
  6. Find Miss Right.
  7. Find one more thing to write here.
Se7en things I don't want/like to do:
  1. Be someone else, other than myself.
  2. Confess my emotions towards somebody openly.
  3. Stop thinking.
  4. apologize, especially if I don't have to.
  5. Stay with people I don't like.
  6. Talk on the phone.
  7. Let's find something to write here later.
Se7en things I say most often (With Explanations):
  1. Eshta = OK
  2. Holy Shit = Mierda
  3. El Teneen = Very much
  4. Swayeka = Pretty Girl
  5. Ay kalam = Nonsense
  6. What's your IP !?
  7. Welcome to Bloggers Land
Se7en people I want to pass this tag to (Almost Random Choices):
  1. Bent Masreya
  2. Sharks
  3. Ritzy Mabrouk
  4. Khagal
  5. Zeryab
  6. Haisam
  7. Anyone who may be interested.
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  1. ليك في الليونكس ..طيب يا باشا عالمنا..

    سبع اشيا مش اقدر استغنى عنهم
    1_ الشقاوه
    2_ ليليت
    3_ البكا
    4_ خجل من نوع غريب
    5_ قلم سكس بي
    6_ مصاصه
    7_ كمبيوتر

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. طارق ازيك ؟؟

    بسم الله الرجمن الرحيم الاجابه :
    نفسي :
    1- اهاجر على بلد محترمه
    2- ابقى ملياردير
    3- اتجوز سكارليت يوهانسون
    4- اتعلم الرقص لاني فاشل جدا فيه
    5 - امارس الرياضه بانتظام و اقلل وزني

    6 - اغير محل سكني
    7- اجيب كل الكتب اللي نفسي اقراها و مش لاقيها في حته
    7 حاجات عايز ابطلها:

    1- العصبيه
    2- عدم التماس الاعذار لاي حد

    3 - تكبير الدماغ في كل حاجه .. عايز ابطل اشتري دماغي عمال على بطال

    4- ظهور مشاعر الاحتقار لشخص غبي على وشي

    5- تاجيل عمل اليوم الى الاسبوع الجاي

    6- الثقه العمياء في نفسي

    7- عدم الثقه في اي حد حتى اللي لازم اثق فيهم (( مع انها لازمه في معظم الناس ))

    7 حاجات بقولها على طول :

    1- قشطه
    2- الواد ده لزج
    3 - ايه يا مولانا
    4- ***
    وهي كلمه تقرا من اليسار و من اليمين

    5- جامد فشخ .. جامد نكاح

    6 - بتهزر ولا بتتكلم جد
    7- باي باي

    و مش عايز امرر الاختبار لحد


  4. you are cheating here:) you were asked for 7 details. Point #7 in the things you want/don't want does not count.

    Concerning, point #4 in the things you "don't like to do". Pleeeeeease try to change that trait, people like you tend to hurt other people without noticing ... es2alny ana...

  5. Khagal and Hisam: Thanks for responding, and you have to put it on your own blog as well.

    Haisam: I think you have to change your third wish, 3ashan manetkhane2sh. :)

    Wonderer: Look, if I really have to appoligize I do, but the pont is I try not to put myself in that place in the beginning.
    And, yeah I know what you are talking about, I think you may try to forgive him without waiting for him to appologize.

  6. "Confess my emotions towards somebody openly.
    Stop thinking. "

    refere to refrence sir :PPPPPP

    nice replies ;)

    btw: ana el windows 3andi darab.. te3raf wht is the reson for that?!

  7. Blue: what shall I do, you just said what I wanted to say, especially that I used your Tag as a template. And about the Windows ... just switch to Linux (Ubuntu) ;)

  8. Thanks for the nice tag Tarek!..."Swayeka" i didn't get it?!...
    funny when i was in collage i hated C n' Linux the's until i started to learn some Borland C builder till i got to get used to it!...good for u!...

  9. Swayek is Kwayesa but the letters are re-arranged - something like confusion and diffusion in cryptography :)