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08 May 2007


The president of the Union for a Popular Movement, the main French Right-Wing political party, has been elected as the new French president for the next seven five years. I think you all have heard that famous saying that "Latin America is moving to the Left", after the election of many Left-Wing parties leaders there. And on the other hand, I think "Europe is moving to the Right", with the presence of Right-Wing political leaders in the two major countries there now, France and Germany. Sarkozy was welcomed by the US President George W Bush, he is seen as a strong ally of Washington, is often described as "Sarko the American" by opponents in France, who criticize his open admiration for American values. I guess he is going to be the French version of Tony Blair when it comes to foreign policy. I am afraid that the hopes of having Europe as an opposing power against the United States absolute power are dead now. Sarko is also known for being against the Turkey's entry into the European Union, with his famous saying that Turkey's entry to the EU would mean the "death of political Europe". His policy is not expected to be very welcoming to the immigrants, and you sure remember when he famously described the young demonstrators in the Paris suburbs in 2005 as racaille, or "rabble".

But I don't want to be very pessimistic here. One of the main disadvantages of the former French regime is that it had strong relations with many Arab leaders and that made them not to criticize such regimes nor even comment on any of their non-democratic brutal acts, and they were also biased toward them against their opposing parties. This may be clear in Lebanon for example, where they were biased toward the government against the different opposition parties there.

By the way, will we ever see a woman in our presidential elections here? And will any one vote for her?

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  1. how r u Tarek?
    just have two comments:
    1- presidential turn is five years not seven as i remember.
    2- women are inferior to men in Egypt and that's why we have arguments like: women are sentimental or "irrational" versus men are rational. check before asking such questions :)))

  2. Mukhtar, I am fine, thanks
    You are right, however it used to be seven years before 2002 elections.
    About the second point, it's more like a teasing question :)

  3. Tarek, you got a point here about Latin America and Europe , really great analysis

    about Royal believe me if we have one like her and her looks Egyptians will vote even without knowing her program
    Seriously the admiration of the Egyptians and how they understand that she is much better makes me believe may be there is a hope

  4. You are vey right about this : "I am afraid that the hopes of having Europe as an opposing power against the United States absolute power are dead now." I'm starting to miss Chirac and De Gaulle already and that really feels strange...

    About Turkey, there still is a tiny bit of hope. Angela Merkel was opposed to Turkey's entry in the EU, once elected she showed herself open to discussion. Still I think Sarko is way to narrow-minded to follow the same path (not to speak of the majority of french).