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21 May 2007

Excuses are only for the Losers.

Excuses are only for the Losers.
God bless the Winners.

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  1. Yulla, marra min nefsokom.. What is this? The first time in 3 years? Mabrook! :)

  2. tel3loko 7es
    dlwa2te el zamlkaweya bybano
    3moman l3ebto kowayes

    my dad zamlkawi
    we win 3zoma 4 every time we lose ;)

  3. Deeee, Allah yebarek fiki

    Dananeer, Tool 3omrena 7esena tale3, e7na mesh benkhaf :P

  4. the funniest part is the link you make to winners... u sure kow h temporary this is

  5. I can't understand what is there to be happy about !?!? You got to be kidding yourself :)

    And @ Anonymous: It's definitely temporary!

  6. Tab howa begad ento far7aneen we mesada2en enoko fozto begad ba2a we keda!!:)
    walla a2olak, yalla etbestolko shwaya men nefsoko ba2a we 2al ya3ny kan match begad we ka2nena makonash benel3ab bel e7tyaty wala akanena wakhdeen el dawry we khalas wala 7aga khales.