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09 July 2007

Favourite, favourite, favourite :P

One of the cool features in Firefox is its built-in spell-checker. In fact I cannot live without spell-checker either in office or web applications, especially when writing an new blog post. But it used to annoy me each time I write the word "favourite" this way. I even started to believe that my spelling was wrong. But today I knew the reason after seeing this link. And the good news is that you can download different dictionaries for Firefox - including the one for British English - that work with the spell-checking feature in it.

And now, I can simply write words like "Colour", "Favourite", "Centre", and "Criticise" without Firefox bugging me any more.

Special thanks for Lady Banana who gave me the link to Firefox dictionary files.

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  1. nice blog!! i´ll stop by!! interesting topics..

  2. it has been a while since i came here...i keep forgetting how interesting your blog is...i agree about firefox and the spell is great!
    have a wonderful day and come has been a while since you blogged last!

  3. Hola Marta

    Thanks a lot, in fact I was travelling abroad, and I am just back a couple of days ago. I'll be back to blogging soon