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09 October 2007

I Don't Like This Template

Hey, I don't like my current blog template. However I'd like to know what do you think about it. Shall I change it immediately, or can I leave it, as I am too lazy to change it. Or do you ... ehmm ... like it?

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  1. I like it, its green :)

  2. i dont like it,.. el alwan bahtana awi...

  3. I second blue...and one more thing..i liked the old header..beta3 elbeyoot elly said something..if u could mix something that egyptian with some tech. green thing it would be soo special...

  4. @Bakkouz, Thanks, but you know I find it a bit childish and untidy :)

    @Blue, Can't agree more

    @Rasha, Hmmmm I will try to do this, just be patient ;)

  5. look
    i like it its simple & nice but i think you can make better one

  6. @Fantasia, I will inshalla

    @YM, I will try my best, but need your feedback for sure

    @ZC, Kol sana wenta tayeb

  7. what you dont like about it?
    as a reader, it is fine with me. I just hate the comment box. can you have the comments open in new page?

  8. Salam Tarek!
    Seriously it is so so so DULL!


  9. @Nono, ehmmmm, seems that I not good at all when it comes to graphic design and such stuff.

  10. Muahahah! I'm sorry sweet. Urm... How about using stricking green and seriously you should arrange your sidebar in order to make it more "presentable"

    :-P Sorry tarek! But your posts are all good. It tells me something that I dont know. It opened my eyes in more "bigger" ways.

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