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03 December 2009

Copied Wii Games

I am not aware of the other countries, but here in Egypt most of the games sold here are copied ones, and almost all the Wii's are modded. But sometimes some of those copied games may asks you to upgrade your Wii in order to start. And I do not recommend updating the firmware of a modded Wii.

So here you are the steps needed to make those games work without any system updates.

Use ImgBurn to copy the DVD to your computer as an ISO file. Then download WiiBrickBlocker and use it to patch the ISO image. And finally, copy the ISO file back to a new DVD using ImgBurn. Don't use any other CD/DVD Burners as they won't work, just use ImgBurn.


PS. The information provided here is for your own reference, and I am not responsible for anyone who uses this to break his countries laws, especially those copyright fanatics.

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  1. just for your info, hard modding your wii is so unnecessary and can cause problems!

    you can go the much easier way of software modding ! which is what i did :)

    take a look at this tutorial showing you how to do it in a much easier way, where you don't even have to burn the games to a dvd, but just put them on a usb hard disk and hook it up to the wii to load the iso :)

    also, i'm curious about which titles you like? i've been playing tons of wii games, just recently downloaded the latest "new super mario bros wii" and its tons of fun ! :D

  2. I like Wii Sports, Prince of Persia, Fifa and the rest of Football games are nice, but you have to play it against someone and not alone.
    I hate adventure games, where you keep talking and talking, ana 3ayez adrab el nas we bas, mesh ba7eb el ra3'y. Unfortunately there are no Strategy games like Civilizations and Red Alert on Wii.