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06 March 2006


EGLUG is an Egyptian GNU Linux User Group that aims to help people use Open Source Software's. They have a nice Wiki on their site for OSS related articles, so you may go and have a look their, or even contribute if you have something to share with the others. URL: Tags: , , , ,


  1. Free and Open Source Software,not open source only.

  2. Is there open source software that's not free !?

  3. our article ( section should be interesting also, mature wiki pages move there.

    as for Free Software and Open Source Software are the same software, but not exactly the same movement and the two terms express very different things, since EGLUG's charter refers to both the Freedom aspects and the Open Source aspects it is important to mention them both when talking aout EGLUG

  4. Closed Source can be free, but how can Open Source be non-free !

  5. We usualy express it as "free as in freedom not free as in free beer", there are some Open Source software which you are not free to use in certain cases, whereas in Free software you're FREE to use it however, whenever, (X)ever way you want, find more here

  6. Enta we2e3t wala7adesh samma 3aleek
    I read this much and want to know what do they mean by "free as in freedom not free as in free beer" ??!