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10 March 2006

Who Are My Guests!?

As you may notice, the majority of the blog visitors are from North America, and Europe.
Here you can see that they are specifically from USA (Not Canada, not Mexico), and Western Europe (Spain, France, U.K., Italy, etc.)
Let me now ask ourselves, why there parts of the world in particular!? Ok, let's see the referers report, i.e. what particular pages redirect people to my blog:
Also these are the top-10 visited posts in the last few hours:
  1. Pyfusker
  2. Welcome Back Miss Mabrouk
  3. Where the Heck is Miss Mabrouk
  4. Java Development on Ubuntu
  5. Any News About Miss Mabrouk
  6. Zamalek Links
  7. Python, Mobile Bluetooth Console
  8. Get Out of Gnome
  9. ASCII Art Generatr
  10. Zotob Virus Creator
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