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11 March 2006

Origami Unveiled

Microsoft Origami Project
Finally Microsoft has removed the covers about their Origami Project.
"Microsoft has officially released details about a tiny tablet-sized PC it has developed. Code named Origami, details have been kept under tight wraps by Microsoft but the company made headlines today as it unveiled details at the CeBIT trade show, which is running in Hannover, Germany this week", Vnunet
According to the Canadian Metro News website, Origami is lighter than two pounds (0.972 kilograms) with a seven-inch (17.78-centimetre) touch-screen, the new "ultra-mobile" PCs (UMPCs) use microprocessors from Intel Corp. And run a modified version of Microsoft's Windows XP Tablet PC edition. Gossip about the Origami has been rife for weeks. Microsoft set up a teaser website and there has been a lot of online buzz about the new devices on news sites and blogs. Finally, we are waiting for Linux Hackers to port Linux to it when it is released ;) Tags: , ,

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