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01 March 2006

Google Sabbath

Six days a week, Shari Thurow spends copious amounts of time conducting searches on Google. But each Saturday, she makes a point of observing a "Google-free day." The rules are simple: Use any search engine except for Google. In practice, however, the policy is surprisingly difficult to implement. "What happens is you get stuck in a rut," said Thurow, search-engine marketing director for Grantastic Designs. "You have to expose yourself. Google's not the only search engine out there." Source: Wired News I think it worth a try, but what other search engine shall I use then? I think it'll be Yahoo, as you may have noticed I am an anti-Microsoft person. Tags: , ,

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  1. Have you tried I haven't used it much yet, but it is highly recommended by the technology specialist where I work. And she despises google.