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03 March 2006

Shall I Buy a Stamp to Send an Email!?

"AOL and Yahoo had unveiled the plan as part of their partnership with Goodmail. The companies proposed the creation of a type of electronic postage stamp that could be bought for around one cent. Purchasing the stamp would allow marketers to avoid spam filters and have guaranteed delivery to AOL and Yahoo subscribers", News Factor Spam is in Emails, an not in ordinary mails, as Email are send without any fees, while you need to buy a stamp in order to send a mail. And that's why Yahoo et al are planning to force marketers to buy their e-stamp in order to send Emails as a plan reduce spam. They also will get zillions of Dollars from such move! But this plan will stop small spam senders, but on the other hand will help those spammers who will pay for the stamp to pass any spam-filters and enter users inboxes freely. I am really worried if this mave may evolve to charge ordinary users as well in the future! Tags: , ,

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