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18 March 2006

Orkut Once More

Earlier in that post I've told you about Orkut, the social network made by Google guys. A social network is an online community that connects people through a network of trusted friends, i.e. each person has his profile there, then he invites some others to be his/her friends, each one then can view the other ones friends and even send messages and connect himself/herself to them. After getting an invitation to Orkut and trying it for a while, here you are my comments on it and some basic comparison between it an Hi5 the most popular social networking service here in the Middle East. I myself prefer hi5 to Orkut, may be the user interface organization is better, and it may also be the users in hi5 are much real, compared to the horny freaks on Orkut. Orkut my on the other hand excels in the Communities, which is some kind of a group of people with similar interests. Hi5 has some Ads here and there, while Orkut doesn't have any, which makes me wonder how do these guys get money from it. Do they sell people's info to some other third parties, or what!? Finally, Orkut may be as good as hi5 technically or even better, but its main problem is the quality/quantity of its users. However this may be due to that it is still in beta version. Tags: , , , , , ,

1 comment:

  1. I got an impression of Hi5 as being a spam pit.

    Orkut's problem stems from having much more users, and so a higher probability of fake users. Add to this Orkut's exclusive nature where you can't join unless invited from within, which is supposed to enhance the quality of its profiles but at the same time caused a sense of scarsity and elitism to be associated with it, hence the fake identities where spammers percieved it to be of higher value.