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17 March 2006

Kismet/Netstumbler Wireless Scanners

Kismet is an 802.11b network sniffer and network dissector. It is capable of sniffing using most wireless cards, automatic network IP block detection via UDP, ARP, and DHCP packets, Cisco equipment lists via Cisco Discovery Protocol, weak cryptographic packet logging, and Ethereal and tcpdump compatible packet dump files. It also includes the ability to plot detected networks and estimated network ranges on downloaded maps or user supplied image files. Windows support is currently preliminary, so those users may want to look at Netstumbler if they run into trouble. URL: Netstumbler is the best known Windows tool for finding open wireless access points ("wardriving"). They also distribute a WinCE version for PDAs and such called Ministumbler. The tool is currently free but Windows-only and no source code is provided. They note that "the author reserves the right to change this license agreement as he sees fit, without notice." UNIX users (and advanced Win users) may want to look at Kismet instead. URL: Thanks to Top 75 Security Tools List Tags: , ,