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08 March 2006

Template Update

First of all, don't you think that the current dark template is really lame? Also the layout is not that good and not utilizing the whole page space. That's why I wanna use a newer template for my blog. The point is that I am too lazy to migrate, as there are many things to be moved there too, like the recent-comments-bar, blogroll-list, counters, etc. Anyway, hope to get your comments on the current blog-template, and if I you now any better ones to use. Tags: , ,


  1. I didn't want to say that, but since you asked for opinions, I guess I have to say that, YES it is very lame. Try something more cheerful.

  2. Bad girl, and why didn't you say this before !!!?? :-P
    Thank you wonderer, and I really appretiate your point of view.

  3. well... i like the black bg most of the times...
    but this one byblogger... is not for me..
    though i guess, it suits ur tittle well..

  4. and here I go on my typical anti blogger rant

    the whole notion of sidebar content being part of the template is stupid, one baaaaad side effect is it makes changing templates an effort, a decent blogging system should allow you to manage content seperately from template, all content not just posts and comments.

  5. change is inevitable.