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01 March 2006

Jeeran's Check Box

Jeeran is an Arabic hosting service, that hosts homepages and blogs. They have a nice feature in their blogs. It's a check box you can select when leaving a comment at one of the blog posts there, telling them to notify you of future comments via email. I think blogspot shall consider adding such feature here. Tags: , ,


  1. heh, and drupal had that from the start yaaaaay

  2. Seems that I am going to migrate some day :S

  3. well..I always want to migrate but I fear of losing the formatting and image content. I posted a comment about the same issue at as well. And alaa's reply made me think of waiting for a bit.

  4. Thank you Tarek for pointing out this feature in Jeeran blogs. Indeed, we are not the first to offer it and it is a nice feature to have. Look for more features from Jeeran:

    Also, we have just completed our blogger import tool. All of your posts, comments, and images will be copied without a hitch. Please read here for more info:

    Blog on!

  5. you need to migrate to Jeeran, they are the best :)

  6. I am Jeeran Software Engineer,
    and I garantee to you "Ximo" that
    if you migrate to jeeran you will have the same look and you will loose nothing of the post formating, we will migrate: Posts,Comments and images and the best thing is that your blog at blogger will not be affected,
    so try it you have nothing to lose