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02 March 2006

Here I Am at Thy Service O Muhammad!

As a response to the Danish cartoons, many different projects have emerged. Such as Amr Khaled's Message to the World regarding the Danish Cartoons, as well as another project called "Lights Of The Prophet".
"One of the best ways to respond to the words and drawings of Evil is for Muslim men, women, and children to sit down and draw and write and publish about the deeds, miracles, and lights of Prophet Muhammad, PBUH&HF", Lights of The Prophet "True we cannot draw the face of the Prophet, PBUH&HF, but you can represent his blessed face with a depiction of holy light. Also, you can draw his deeds and miracles rather than his holy figure", Lights of The Prophet
But let me ask one silly question, Why is it really Haram - religiously forbidden - to draw His holy figure? Since there are many old books describing how He looked like, wouldn't it be better to draw Him, instead of waiting for some wicked cartoonists to draw Him for us? Imagine that Arabs knew drawing 1500 years ago, I think they would have liked to draw Him, but the problem is that Arabs didn't know most of the arts of today including drawing at that time. Finally, I think that projects like those ones are a good move and shall be encouraged, as they represent a more civilized response than boycotting Danish products and burning some flags. Tags: , ,


  1. Thank you for presenting a more sane and peaceful response to the silliness and violence that have been so prevelent around the world over the drawings in question. I find the reactions and bloodshed quite bizarre and contrary to the Muslim belief systems, in general. I would think that Muslims would be seeking to educate people around the world (and themselves) to a better understanding of their beliefs so that tolerance and compassion would prevail.

  2. Thank you for your much respected opinion especially concerning the act of burning flags and boycotting the products of companies that may reject the cartoons of the prophet at all.