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21 March 2006

Mothers Day

Today, the 21th of March is Mother's Day here in Egypt. AFAIK, the Americans celebrate it on the 2nd Sunday of May, and my be some other countries have different dates for it too. Anyway it's really good to remember our mothers - I believe it should be Parents Day instead - in every single day of the year; however dedicating a specific day for them is really good to symbolize such love. Tags: , ,


  1. I hate mother's Day no need to add another load of a Father's Day.Don't torture those who lost their parents,or worse those who have a monster dad/mom alive.You put them through a day in which they have to celebrate a lost one.How come!!be human.

  2. i see you have the adsense advertise thing approved. u r almost the only person i ever came by who has it approved!
    they told me that my blog had offensive material, imagine that, offensive material!

    noticable you love your dad so much, but one thing if i may, do u always sound so formal talking in your blog, or is it just a means to keep the 'adsense' ad thing going on?? :p

    anyways, thanks for your comment on my silly blog, take care young man.

    Raghood, who said that being 'human' means being nice?, no no my fair lady, a human is a human coz of some nasty things that are undertaken by his kind repeatedly, otherwise he's be an angel. so NOT every decision or agreement carried out by man fits the entire planet, but it ratherly fits only a selected group.
    so being human, is also synonymous with being unjust.
    God, i talk too much right??

  3. Raghood ... sorry if this post has hurted your feelings.
    Motasim ... Actually you shall send them a complain, and tell them that your site doesn't have offensive materials nor sexuality ... about being formal ... hmmm ... it's not meant to be like that ... and thanks for the advice I'll try to fix that insha'Allah

  4. who said my blog doesnt have offensive material, it does!
    its just that it isnot their business putting rules for me to post their adds! they are the ones who need me, i dont need them! get it?

    anyways, i didnt mean u being formal as something that needs to be fixed, its just not expected when it comes to personal blogs.

    and one more thing, are you Mohd Tarek? Raghada's work-mate?

  5. Actually, I dun like to look that formal ... Nop, I am not Mohd. Taha nor even know who Raghda is.

  6. pleased to meet you Taha.

  7. It's Tarek not Taha , and pleased to meet you too