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18 July 2006

Hackers Learn from Open Source

Hackers are taking a page from the open-source playbook, using the same techniques that made Linux and Apache successes to improve their malicious software, according to McAfee Inc. "Over the last year and a half, we've noticed how bot development in particular has latched on to open-source tools and the open-source development model," he said. The current generation of bot software has grown to the point where open-source software development tools make a natural fit. With hundreds of source files now being managed, developers of the Agobot family of malware, for example, are using the open-source Concurrent Versions System (CVS) software to manage their project.
Mcafee researchers have described this use of open-source techniques in a new magazine set to be unveiled Monday. Called "Sage," the publication features a cover story entitled "Paying a price for the open-source advantage" in its inaugural issue. McAfee plans to publish Sage every six months, Marcus said.
Source: InfoWorld

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