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07 July 2006

Otlob's Approach of Automation is an online site for placing orders to different fast-food restaurants. As far as I know, the point of having such automated web based tool is to make the ordering of stuff much easier, compared to ordinary phone orders etc. But, it seems that this is not the case with Otlob. I made an order there, but for some reason they were not able to contact the fast-food restaurant. So they called me telling me that my order will be delayed for half an hour. The point is that the order was never delivered, and when I called them they claimed that they asked me to cancel my previous order and make a new one myself after half an hour. Lets assume that they are right, and this is what they really said, however it is not the truth. Let me ask you, what is the point of having an automated tool and orders database, if you are not able to queue the orders yourself instead of asking people to cancel their orders and make new ones later?! What if they were not able to reach me by phone?! I think the problem is when people try to enter the dot-com era with a stone-age mentality.

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  1. stone-age (i.e. Egyptian?) ;)

  2. there are very few dot coms in egypt for shopping but in north america and europe you can do everything on line. Maybe another 10 years or so Egypt will catch up?