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15 July 2006

The Israeli Blind Force

Let's first review the Israeli history of attacking Lebanon:
  • March 1978: Israel invades to stop Palestinian attacks
  • 1982: Full-scale invasion; Israel occupies Beirut; pro-Israel militias massacre Palestinian refugees
  • May 1983: Israel pulls back, but keeps "security zone"
  • February 1992: Israeli air strike kills Hezbollah leader
  • 1996: Israel launches "Grapes of Wrath" raids on Hezbollah; 100 civilians die under Israeli shelling of UN base at Qana
  • May 2000: Israel withdraws troops from Lebanon
  • January 2004: Prisoners-bodies swap agreed between Hezbollah and Israel
So, it's clear that the capturing of the soldiers by Hezbollah is not the reason for Israel to attack Lebanon. Also, we can see that Hizbollah's attacks always takes the military route, while the Israeli response is always targeting civilians.
"Furthermore, Hezbollah took the military route. They infiltrated Israel and kidnapped soldiers. They did not kidnap civilians. Israel should not respond with disproportionate force", Saleem Khoury, Beirut, Lebanon
Israel has kidnapped so many Lebanese during the last 25 years, so did Hizbollah, so I cannot see any reason for such blind attack towards Lebanon this time. USA for example see that it is Israel's right to do whatever they want to free it's kidnapped soldiers, but on the other hand I also see that it's Hizbollah's right to do whatever they want to free their Lebanese and Arab prisoners in Israel.

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