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24 July 2006

Email Fraud

I received the follwing Email today:
مرحبا كيفك ان شاء الله تكون بخير حبيت ابلغك عن موقع افلام اكيد بيعجبك لانه جدا رائع ادخل عليه الان وحط الايميل والباس الماسنجر لحتي تقدر تعمل دعوة لبيقت اصحابك الي بالايميل ونايس تايم
The message says, that you can download Arabic movies from this site, however in order to log in there, please use your Hotmail address and password as well :)

Actually, I logged in there using a fake Email and password, and it seems that they've got real movies there, however I wanted to warn you in case you recieve simillar Emails. It seems that Scam, Spam, Fraud, Phishing, etc. are the hype of today. Finally, please think twice before entering your private data anywhere online.

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