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26 November 2007


A couple of weeks ago I was in Carrefour buying some stuff. We needed a shampoo then, and I usually don't care much about what brand to buy. But at that time, I found myself getting that Shampoo in a dark container called Clear. Most of the time, when it comes to such kind of products, their marketing campaigns address women only, as if they are the only ones who are clean on this planet. So, when Clear created a new marketing campaign claiming that their product is made specially for men, I found myself buying it without thinking. We like it when we feel that people are creating products specially for us. Even if the generic products are going to be as good as those custom ones, or even better, but we still like the feeling of being privileged.

I used to blog in English only, and then when I decided to write in Arabic too, I decided to do my Arabic blogging in a separate blog. May be, cause I am sure that not all the ones who read my English blog - Arabs or non-Arabs - will like reading my Arabic blog too, and vice versa. And now when it comes to my English blog, I write about technical or non-technical (Social, Political, Humanitarian, etc.) issues, and here comes another problem, not all those readers who like the non-technical issues here will like those technical ones too. I even had plans to write some deep technical stuff, but I always back off because I was afraid that this may freak some of my readers out. And, you know, most of the professional blogs such as ProBlogger, TechCrunch, and LifeHacker are mono-themed blogs, they have one main theme or domain of subject, and most of the posts there fall into that domain.

So after some thinking, I decided to split this blog into two separate one. This blog (Gr33n Data) will be for technical posts only, while the new one (Not Gr33n Data) will be for the other topics.

I don't know if this is going to be a renaissance for Gr33n Data, or let's call it Grenaissance for short? Or is it going to be the first nail in the tomb of my blogging experience? Anyway, let's wait and see, and looking forward to seeing your feedback.

Oh, wait a minute, here you are Not Gr33n Data's feed, if you want to subscribe to it in your Feed Reader:

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  1. I am facing a similar question in my english blogs. I have one for a specific subject, not technical, and another one for all other thoughts. sometimes i feel that may be i should just write it all in one blog. but the fact of tha matter is, in the english blogs, you'll see that blogs dedicated to one subject are being popular and numerous, while this trend is weak among arabic bloggers. well, just try and see!

  2. I think this trend is weak in Arabic blogs because they lack the readers diversity found in English ones.

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