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10 November 2007

Yahoo Pipes

You may have many friends on Facebook, but most of them don't know your blog. You can add the address of your blog to your Facebook profile so that they can visit it. You may also edit the "My Notes" module there, so that your new posts are automatically grabbed from your blog feed and displayed there. But wait a moment, what if you have more than one blog, and Facebook allows you to add one feed only!?

Yahoo Pipes, can solve this problem, it's a tool where you can do various operations on your feeds. For example I mixed the feeds of my blogs (I mixed the feed of this one with my Arabic Blog) and then sorted the output by date in order to have a new sorted feed ready for being imported into my Facebook notes. You may also filter your feeds in order to remove some posts from there based on any criteria you want.

Playing with Yahoo Pipes is so simple. You have different modules there and each module does a certain operation. You just drag and drop those modules and connect their inputs and outputs to each other.

In my case for example, I connected the output of two modules of the type "Fetch Feed", to the input of another module called "Union". "Fetch Feed" is used to get the content of a certain Feed. "Union" then mixes the output of those feeds. I then added another module called "Sort" in order to sort the output of the "Union" module by date. Then you have to put another module called "Pipe Output", in order to tell it that you want the resulting feed to be taken from there.

You may find more uses for Yahoo Pipes, just keep playing with it and tell me about your plumbing experience.

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  1. Well Tarek , I am afraid I am so bad in plumping , seriously it is not easy to be do it, I do not like :(

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