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21 November 2007

Resident Lions for Evil Lambs

A couple of weeks ago we decided to go to the cinema in order to see "Resident Evil", but the cinema was "Complet" then, so we decided to see "Lions for Lambs" instead. It stars Robert Redford, Meryl Streep, and Tom Cruise. So the cast was enough to expect an acceptable movie. You know, we have our own scale to rate movies. A movie can be either Good, or a Computer Movie, which is the one that doesn't worth the money paid in the cinema ticket, a Computer Movie is one of those movies that you can see after downloading a pirated version of it on your PC.

Lions for Lambs, I really don't know why they insisted to translate its name here into "Osood wa 7emlan", which mean Lions and Lambs. Anyway, this movie is a typical Computer Movie, the main idea of the movie is really good, but it is more like News Headlines than a real movie. Meryl Streep is a journalist who had an interview with Tom Cruise the senator. The conversation between them was mainly about the War on Terror, and how the Republicans - whom Cruise belongs to - have involved the United States in continuous unplanned and useless wars. The university professor, Robert Redford, who is also the director of the movie by the way, inspired two of his students to volunteer in the army in order to do something important with their lives and for their country as well. He later on realized that the country needs good men in decision making positions more than its need for fighters. Redford's students who represent the American people, are the Lions who have the will and the power to pay their lives for their country. While the Senator - Tom Cruise - represents the Lambs who take critical decisions for their country from the Air-Conditioned offices.

As I told you, the main idea is not bad. But the movie itself is really boring. I also think it is a weak movie from a technical point of view. I like what Matt Pais of the Chicago Tribune wrote about it; "Lions is more of an imitation of life than a reflection on it". The only reason to enter such movie is when the only other choice is to see "Resident Evil", which I watched last week. "Resident Evil" is a typical action move made for teens where a group of hot chicks keep slaying some nasty zombies and nothing more. In fact, if "Lions for Lambs", is a computer movie, then "Resident Evil" is just a turned-off computer movie.

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  1. Shame!
    I really like Meryl streep.
    Specially in " house of spirits" ?

    Anyway u deserve all this, if u were actually willing tp pay money for a movie called " Resident evil" :P

  2. Hehehehe, I know I deserve this, but you know, in this period of the year it's really hard to find good movies in theatres.

  3. Know what?
    You are a real good movie reviewer.
    I took your word for a7lam 7aqeqeya and it turned out to be real good...and with this one i trust u..
    Thanks tarek :)

  4. Thanks Rasha for your comment/compliment

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