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13 September 2006

High Egyptians

You sure have seen this logo somewhere in the street. It's on people's t-shirts, cars, etc. What the heck is so special about the Marijuana!? Is it a campaign sponsered by the drug dealers here in Egypt!? Are all the Egyptians high now a days!?

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  1. I suppose some people think it's cool to wear it. Not that I'm against it.

    Besides, there ARE lots of people that do drugs nowadays.

  2. I think it's more like that alot of people think it's cool and want to copy western rock stars etc.
    I doubt that all those wearing this kinda thing actually do drugs and those that do probably would not be so stupid as to wear such a thing in public.
    Also I met a heck of alot of people who haven't actually known what it meant :-)

  3. Just a first step to freedom of expression, which alot of people in your country are intimidated of.

  4. @Faisal, I am not against wearing it, the point is like Arima said, many of them don't actually known what does it mean. It's like Gamal Abdel Hamid the Egyptian - Muslim - football player who used to draw a cross after scoring a goal, just because he didn't know its meaning.

    @Arima, I am with you, people think it's cool and want to copy western rock stars etc. Which is not a bad thing, but when they at least know what does it mean.

    @Skyler, Do you think this has anything to do with freedom of expression !?

  5. "Weed" in Egypt?? Gasp! :)

    I do think you're right, though, Tarek. People should know what they're wearing.

    You remind of of an story that involves naive me and a T-shirt when I was at the university. When a streetwise friend told me what the message meant, I was soooo embarrassed! I never wore the shirt again!!

  6. Re: What the heck is so special about the Marijuana!?

    Answer: It's cheaper than hash.

    The 420 logo is a popular one among pot heads out here. Not everyone wears those t-shirts unless they are 1)buddha heads or 2) advocating the legalization of weed.