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03 September 2006

Web Shots Pro

Manal & AlaaEgyptian ChroniclesLasto Adri *Blue*
Tololy's BoxArabistUnbrain Washer

WebShotsPro, This website will take screenshots of any url. These screenshot thumbnails can be used anywhere that you have a link. Include them in your blog postings, on a forum post, or next to your search engine results.

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  1. This is fantastic! Thanks for link.

  2. Mia, I wanted to add a thumbnail to your blog - you know I am a big fan of your templates - but I dun like the current one that much

  3. Don't worry it's okay. To be honest with you i'm not that fond of it myself. I just wanted to experiment with the image map that i'm using as a header. I don't think i'm going to change it just yet but i'll probably make a few changes here and there.

  4. I like those templates with anime-style drawings that you used to have. just like your dispay picture now.

  5. I am here too
    It is nice program I like to take screencap for those websites like there designs

  6. @Zeinobia, yeah, just in the center of it :)

  7. Thanks Faisal, by the way are you Faisal of "The way I see it"?