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01 September 2006

I ask for your forgiveness

It's been about a year, when I started to piss my blog readers off with that Word Verification thing. The Word Verification, in brief, is that letters and numbers written in an ugly way where you have to write them down each time you leave comment on a blog post. It is supposed to stop spammers from leaving advertisements and irrelevant comments in the blogs, and they are doing their job them successfully, but on the other hand it is stopping people from leaving comments too. So I decided to remove it today, actually who cares about a spam here and an advertisement there. They can be removed easily. Anyway, let's give it a try and see.

PS. Some others ban anonymous users from leaving comments. Ok, this can block spammers too. But what about those who do not have accounts at, or who are not even interested in having their own blogs. They still have the right comment on blog posts, but I think they have to write their name, and may be homepage url as well, if they have one.

PS. has added the word verification thing to their online votes

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  1. I hear you on the comment verification it is really annoying.
    You asked a question on my blog about my drawing technique awhile back and I just saw it. I'm sorry i'm so late in responding.
    First I do a pencil and ink sketch on paper. Then I scan it and color it by computer using raster layers.

  2. I use comment moderation only to prevent spam. It is similar to deleting junk mail. However, it makes it less interactive for those leaving the comments and also when you are lazy to check your mail or log on to your blog for a day.

  3. there is a bug with blogger beta comments. It didn't let me leave the comment with my blogger identity, so I made it through other.

    It sends me to an error page with the message "We're sorry but we are unable to complete your request" :S