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18 September 2006

Blog Her

It seems that Laila is becoming more popular and international. Today I found this post, by Liz Henry, on BlogHer, about Laila.
BlogHer is a blog aggregator for female bloggers (bloggeresses), as well as feminists and those who write for women's rights etc. And this is how they describe their mission:
"BlogHer's mission is to create opportunities for women bloggers to pursue exposure, education, and community", BlogHer's Mission
Actually it is normal that a comunity like BlogHer write about the idea. But the question is how did the idea get all that fame in no time. There may have been some arrangement between some girls at the beginnig, but this is not enough.
I think female bloggers are like any other females, they like to socialise with each other, and pay each other visits. That's why you find a lot of inter-comments between bloggeresses, which is not always the case with male bloggers. And of course, this also proves that women had their own problems in our society and that's why such idea came in reasonance with them, and that's what made them willing to participate. Finally, may be my blogeresses-theory had it effect on attracting more readers to read their blogs too, yet spreading the idea more and more.

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  1. Wallahi I sincerely admire ur attempt to listen Tarek...most guys wont even give it a second look...
    Well am listed at blog her n' it sure feels good to be heard...all the good luck for the women of Lila n' am also recruiting my fellow bloggeresses here...

  2. they got it from Ethan Zackerman (of global voices fame), who got it from me in the Digital Citizen Indaba in South Africa.

    there you got it, mystery solved.


  3. @Alaa, Come on, who are all these persons?

  4. who are who? don't understand the question.

  5. Kidding, Just wanted to say from where did you get to know all those links

  6. happened to be in the same conference that's all.

    but hey globalvoices are very famous, doesn't take much to know them.