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19 September 2006

Duodecad Tag

The idea of this Tag, is to write a list of the top twelve - it may be more or less than a dozen - blogs you like most. They can also be the most recent blogs you have visited, or just your friends' blogs. You also write some brief about them, and they are supposed to do the same thing too. Away from the Egyptian Blog Aggregator that he made and helped in spreading the idea of Blogging here in Egypt. His own blog is one of my favourites too. Nora has a bilingual blog, that focuses mainly on Egyptian and Arabic matters, especially those political, free speech, and human rights related stuff.
LastoAdri Blue is a co-moderator of Bloggers-Eg mailing list. She has an English blog as well as an Arabic one, however I usually visit her Arabic blog more frequently. [Reply]
Unbrainwasher Mukhtar is a respected blogger, that I like to visit his blog daily. The blog is in Arabic. By the way, I think he has an English blog too, but I actually don't know its address. [Reply]
Wgyptian Chronicles As I told Zeinab before, you can visit, or to know what's going on in the world. But it's Egyptian Chronicles where you understand what's going on. [Reply]
Arabist If you still remember Miss Mabrouk, she used call herself a serial news jockey. I believe Arabist is a news jockey too, with more Egyptian/Arabic flavour. Where the heck is Miss Mabrouk by the way?
Nesreen Nesreen's English blog, or "Message in a Bottle", is a nice blog. She is a gifted bloggeress I think. [Reply]
J.Pierre I don't know what does the J stand for, but let's call him Jean-Pierre like Jean-Pierre Papin. He has a partially technical blog, and he's an Ubuntu fan, so no way not to read his blog everyday.
Tololy I just like Tololy's blog design, she is a Jordanian blogger I guess.
Yamsafer Wa7dak Mima may not like this, but this girl has a great mind, and I am expecting her to have a much better blog than that one. Ya Msafer Wa7dak is in Arabic by the way.
Ikhnaton2 Ikhnaton II, a Linuxian, PHPian and Egyptian blogger. He is a book worm, and an active member in Bloggers-Eg too.
Mando I like Anime/Comic art, and Mando is really gifted in such field. Have a look on some of his drawings here.
Update, Friday, September 29, 5:20 AM. I decided to add three more blogs here.
Maria L. Suarez Mia - Maria L Suarez - is an american blogger, who is used to change her blog design frequently. And everytime she changes the design I like it more than the previous one. I think she also draw the logos and the banners there by herself. [Reply]
Layal El Khatib Layal is a dear friend, and a Lebanese Bloggeress. What I like most in her blog is that it is getting more mature a day after another.
Je Suis Ici Amira is a 21 years old Egyptian Bloggeress, currently living in UK. Her blog is relatively new, but I have great expectations for it. [Reply]
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  1. Yeah, i used to read Miss Mabrouk's blog ages ago, what happened to her?
    Great post and very informative.

  2. thanks for the tag !! :)

    will reply soon enough, you've got a nice blog by the way :)


  3. Can't believe I am included :), Many thanks Rarek for your kind words.

  4. Indeed am glad you think highly of my blog to include among your fav. Thanks alot Tarek, I highly respect ur arabic blog since first visit last March. As for your English one I have just lately get to know it but didnot have enough time to navigate. Inshaallah I will reply ur tag. in fact it's pleasure ... within two days inshaalah!
    ye know I was just discussing ur recent post about "Ramadan" wityh my wife yesterday.
    have a good day

  5. Tarek,
    Thanks for tagging my blog. And yes, it's Jean-Pierre ;) but not Papin. (I hate the french team) ;)

  6. Nice collection, even though my blog is not there :P)

  7. Yes, you got it right. I am a Jordanian blogger, glad you like the design of my Box.

  8. nice work really

  9. thanks for including my blog ya Tarek.. it's an honour! really makes a lot to me! & thanks for the title as well "soul of the EG group" :) i hope i'm up to it!
    thanks again ya moderator elcrazy chat room! :p

  10. Thanks for including me ,I will answer the tag too

  11. Thanks for including me in the tag and the encouraging words :)

  12. I took the tag! BTW Ritzy is back kind of sort of. Not everyday but sporadically.